scsiaddgui.jpg ScsiaddGui provides a graphical user interface for the scsiadd - utility.
Scsiadd allows to add or remove SCSI devices like scanners to (from) your system without having to reboot.
With ScsiaddGui you can do this without typing any shell command with just a mouse-click.
ScsiaddGui also allows to monitor the presence of USB mass storage devices on your system.


To run ScsiaddGui you need Python >= 2.3 and Tkinter, Tcl / Tk >= 8.4, and of course Scsiadd.
If you want to install the new ScsiaddGui-2.x you will also need TkTreectrl >=2.2.1 .


ScsiaddGui is licensed under the terms of the Gnu General Public License.


None known.


Feb. 2 2004: ScsiaddGui-1.2

I fixed a bug that would have caused problems with Python2.3/Tk8.4 . Also the Control widget has been improved and the gui appearance has been slightly changed. ScsiaddGui remembers now the host/channel/id/lun settings you made on the last session, so maybe you can save a few mouse-clicks.

Nov. 8 2004: ScsiaddGui-1.3

Gettext i18n support has been added; if you'd like to add a new translation you can edit the pot file you find within the tarball. I also added a fancy two colored output window and tooltip help.

Dec. 7 2004: ScsiaddGui-1.4

A french translation (contributed by Yves-Gwenael Bourhis) has been added.
Dec. 9 2004: seems like the french translation happend to contain some typos; I've uploaded a fixed version without making a new release.

Apr. 10 2006: ScsiaddGui-1.5

The contents of ScsiaddGui's display are now automatically updated periodically, which may be useful to monitor the presence of USB mass storage devices.
Permissions are now handled more intelligently, so now it is possible to use scsiadd as a non-privileged user if it was installed suid-root

Aug. 29 2009: ScsiaddGui-1.6

The check for scsiadd's suid-root bit was broken on some systems, this has been fixed (thanks to Christopher Vogt).

Dec. 01 2009: ScsiaddGui-2.0

This new release introduces a much nicer UI with device icons, clickable device list entries, a right-click menu to easily remove devices, improved key bindings and a nice toolbar instead of the old menu.
However, you will have to install TkTreectrl to be able to use it.
For people who cannot (or don't want to) install Tktreectrl, the old version 1.6 is still available.
The french translation could use an update, so if someone sends me an updated po file, it is much appreciated.

Nov. 16 2012: ScsiaddGui-2.1

For your convenience the TkinterTreectrl package is now included with scsiaddgui.


Scsiaddgui is available on scsiaddgui's sourceforge site


Any comments, bug reports and suggestions are highly welcome.
Please mailto:
Michael Lange <klappnase (at) freakmail (dot) de>

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